Thương vụ Việt Nam tại Liên bang Nga xin giới thiệu Danh sách một số doanh nghiệp chuyên kinh doanh gỗ, sản phẩm gỗ và vật liệu xây dựng tại LB Nga, là đối tác của Trung tâm Hỗ trợ kinh doanh thuộc Hội Hữu nghị Nga - Việt (The Business Center of the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Association).

Các doanh nghiệp Việt Nam quan tâm có thể liên lạc trực tiếp với doanh nghiệp Nga hoặc Trung tâm Hỗ trợ kinh doanh của Hội Hữu nghị Nga - Việt theo địa chỉ email:, hoặc điện thoại: +7 963 644 7575 (Whatsapp, Zalo, Telegram), Thương vụ Việt Nam tại LB Nga để được hỗ trợ.
Company name Info about company Contact person Contacts
1 LLC "TopForest". The enterprise was founded in 2009.
Activity: sawing and planing wood.
We produce: eurolining, tongue-and-groove flooring, block house, imitation of a bar, dry planed bar, dry planed board ...
The plant is located in the north of the European part of Russia in the Arkhangelsk region.
The company has been producing sawn timber and planed moldings from solid pine (Redwood), spruce (Whitewood), birch (Russian White Birch) for more than ten years.
Director Zatsepina Nadezhda Mikhailovna
Nyandoma, Arkhangelsk region, st. Sand, 13.
Tel. +7 911 5910899
2 LLC  ALTUM     Boris Yurchenko, Executive Director  +7 978 103 1702 Mob  WhatsApp | Viber |
3 Argus-M company
Since 2012 Argus-M company has been developing and manufacturing high-tech products:• mobile lighting installations, diesel power plants, mobile autonomous video surveillance stations, army tents• high-quality bactericidal products (air recirculators,air ozonizers and automatic hand antiseptic terminals), mining farms;• mobile video surveillance systems, cybercapsules and modern tables with a built-in computer. Our own extensive park of machines and equipment allows us to ensure the production of high-quality products for consumers in the shortest possible time. The area of production workshops is more than 2000 m2. Own design center. Key benefits:• Ready-made solutions. Development and production of products according to customer specifications
•Piece and serial production in the shortest possible time• Warranty, service, free technical support• Quality control system in accordance with international standards• We have all the necessary certificates and licenses for products
The Argus-M company already exports to the following countries on a regular basis:• Angola• Serbia• Kuwait• Malaysia• Jordan• UAE• Iran• Germany• CIS countries
Olga Kosyakova, Sales Director of Argata Group of Companies
Melnikova Natalia, export manager,
+7-499-113-09-59, +7-985-755-90-98
4 “Krasparket”
manufacturers of wooden mosaics and parquet boards.
+7 (963) 181-06-31
Year of foundation of the company 2004
The group of companies includes retail trade in floor coverings, wholesale trade,
Provision of flooring installation services.
Founder Maslennikova Margarita Yurievna
+7 910 341-41-84
Voronez City
 тел +7 4732 120935
The company has been working for 6 years from the Business Center of the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Society and specializes in finding business partners for Russian and Vietnamese entrepreneurs, advises on customs clearance of exports and imports from Russia to Vietnam and from Vietnam to Russia, documents, certificates  and other issues related to foreign trade activities .
Director – Zaichenko Oksana
+7 953 882-46-18
+7 953 882-46-18
7 Dalimportstroy LLC
timber industry complex of the Khabarovsk Territory Director - Gurko Sergey Sergeevich +7-924-304-13-13, +7(4212) 67-60-60,
8 LLC "Kupava Les DV", timber industry complex of the Khabarovsk Territory Director  Babkin Victor Ivanovich +7 914 772-88-44,
9 LLC "Forpostles", timber industry complex of the Khabarovsk Territory Director Demyanova Galina Alexandrovna +7 909 874-22-89,
10 OOO "VTK timber industry complex of the Khabarovsk Territory Director Pisarenko Egor Romanovich +7 914-772-8222,
11 IE Shvedov Dmitry Valerievich, timber industry complex of the Khabarovsk Territory Director  Shvedov Dmitry Valerievich, +7 924 109-97-97,
12 LLC "ALP" -, thermal board, lumber Alexandrov Alexander Vasilievich, +7 -983-276-89-10,
13 LLC "Epos" logging Vokhmin Dmitry Nikolaevich +7 913-540-51-77
14 LLC "Siberian Taiga" wholesale trade in lumber Charkov Alexander Sergeevich +7-999-468-77-55,
15  KFH Karamchakov Kirill Sergeevich -, industrial wood Kirill Sergeevich Karamchakov +7-923-219-79-89,
16 LLC "Siberian Forest" logging, lumber Ermakov Viktor Viktorovich, +7-923-339-7777,
17 LLC "Yaroslavl Plywood", Plywood Sergeeva Ekaterina, Sales Manager, Тел.: +7 (930) 122 74 69, E-mail:
18 OOO Danilovskiy Timber Processing Plant,   Kudryashova Veronika, Balyberdin Sergey, Director Тел.: +7 (999) 837 51 40,
19 LLC "Yaroslavsky veneer", Veneer , Maxim Aponasenko, Director
Тел.: +7 (48533) 7-20-10
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