Due to increasing consumer concern about nutrition, coupled with the development and application of many new technologies, the global cooking oil market will continuously make adjustments to the product portfolio in the near future. In particular, the market demand for cooking oils with healthy nutritional ingredients will grow even in difficult times because of the epidemic.
+ The global cooking oil market is expected to grow 6.12% annually (CAGR 2021-2025).
+ Most of the revenue is generated in India ($28.6 billion in 2021).
+ Total consumption is expected to reach 68.4 million kg by 2025.
+ Manufacturing output growth: 4.8% in 2022.
+ Consumption of cooking oil per capita in 2021: 0.6kg.


1. Scale, growth rate, main distribution channel 
1.1. Market size in 2021, growth rate and forecast to 2026 (updated to March 2022) 
1.2. Distribution and consumption: 
1.3. Manufacturing: 
2. Key Trends 
3. Enterprise 
3.1. Market share and production, business and investment situation of large enterprises in Vietnam market: 
3.2. Exporting business 
3.2. Import enterprises 
1 New trends:
1.1. About needs
1.2. About the supply
1.3. About the price:
1.4. Impact of Russia-Ukraine tensions on the world vegetable oil market
1 World market and impact on Vietnam market:
1.1. The main forecast indicators: 
1.2. Manufacturing
1.3. Consume:
1.4. Trade in vegetable oils:
2 Vietnam market:
2.1. Medium-term outlook:
2.2. Outlook for 2022:
2.3. Recommendations
Figure 1 : Vietnam's vegetable oil production output in the period 2016-2021 
Figure 2: Market share of cooking oil in Vietnam's domestic market 
Figure 3: Net revenue of large cooking oil enterprises in the period 2017-2021 
Table 1 : Types of cooking oils consumed in the Vietnamese market by ingredients and typical brands 
Table 2: KIDO's ownership structure in cooking oil companies in Vietnam market 
Table 3: Vocarimex's business results over the years (period 2018-2021) 
Table 4: Some enterprises exporting cooking oil in 2021 (latest update until the end of December 2021) 
Table 5: Some enterprises import cooking oil in 2021 (latest update until the end of December 2021) 
Table 6: Key projections for revenue, output, average consumption, and growth rate of the global cooking oil market in 2021, 2022 and 2025 
Table 7: Some types of baby oil for babies on the Vietnamese market 
Box 1 : The most popular Cai Lan cooking oil products in February 2022 and exported Calofic products 
Box 2 : In 2021, revenue from cooking oil increased sharply, Kido Group (KDC) reported a profit of VND 648 billion in 2021, nearly double in 2020 
Box 3 : In 2021, KIDO Nha Be's revenue and profit will increase compared to 2020 
Box 4 : In 2021, Tuong An Oil's revenue increases but profit is only equal to 2020 
Box 5 : Ability to restructure TAC to focus on production and business 
Box 6 : Business results in 2021 and Vocarimex's orientation in the coming time 
Box 7: International vegetable oil prices lead the recovery momentum in and forecast 
Box 8: Does geopolitical conflict create a tendency to hoard cooking oil in densely populated markets with large consumption? 
Box 9: It is forecast that the import of cooking oil into India will increase sharply, the price will continue to increase 
Box 10: Forecast of some specific cooking oil product segments in Vietnam